Thursday, 1 May 2014

Microsoft Corrects The Latest Internet Explorer Security Error

Microsoft is issuing an update to Internet Explorer today that patches a very serious security issue in its browser. This issue came to light over the weekend and what made it especially problematic was that it involved every version from IE 6 forward.
Windows XP users, however, can’t update their browser beyond version 8 and Microsoft isn’t patching XP anymore at this point in its life cycle. For this bug, however, Microsoft has made an exception and it is patching IE on Windows XP as well.
“The security of our products is something we take incredibly seriously. When we saw the first reports about this vulnerability we decided to fix it, fix it fast, and fix it for all our customers. The update that does this goes live today at 10 a.m. PST,” said Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing in a statement today. Read more

CEO of Wifarer Quits indoor position to work for Apple

If a CEO and co-founder quits his indoor positioning startup to work for Apple, should his staff and customers be concerned? Wifarer, a startup which offers tools to help consumers navigate malls, museums and other venues, was not acquired by Apple, we learned, while following up on some tips pointing in that direction. However, its CEO and founder Philip Stanger now works there in a “leadership role.”
Meanwhile, the company he founded continues to be run by new CEO Lise Murphy, previously Wifarer’s VP of Marketing. Oh, and Lise is also Philip’s wife, so Wifarer sort of “remains in the family,” I’d guess you’d say.
TechCrunch received tips hinting that Wifarer could be yet another indoor positioning acquisition for Apple, which is still trying to catch up to Google in this space. Apple, you may recall, notably acquired another indoor navigation startup, WiFiSlam, in March 2013 for $20 million. Read More